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Eye-Catching Top

Get ready to unleash your style prowess and make a lasting impression with our carefully selected, jaw-dropping pieces that redefine what it means to be fashion forward. Are you ready to make a statement?

Puddle Denim Jeans

Baggy denim is an essential for this season. You admire the versatility they offer, allowing you to either elevate your look with statement earrings and a stylish top, or keep it relaxed with an oversized t-shirt. While this trend has been present for some time, this year it embraces Scandinavian style cuts and colors, complemented by trendy vintage belts. The Scandinavian influence adds a touch of sophistication, and somehow manages to make even the simplest outfits appear effortlessly cool.

Worn-In Oversized Leather Jackets

We really teeter on the edge of feminine and masculine/biker girl when it comes to dressing, so of course, this is a favorite trend of ours. This season, the vintage look is in, and oversized worn-in vintage leather jackets are making a huge comeback. The key here is to look sleek (less pockets and belt detailing, more 90’s moto)
and preloved but not distressed. Throw one over your favorite t-shirt and jeans for an easy chuck-on-and-go vibe, or pair it with your elevated basics to make a statement. We think these are going to take over from the previous season's popularity.

Bold Metallics

You might share the same sentiment as us when it comes to the Y2K era, feeling a little apprehensive. However, we're thrilled to inform you that metallic pieces are making a triumphant return, and in the most fabulous way.
Specifically, silver metallic pants and slingback heels are stealing the spotlight. These items are perfect for injecting a touch of glamour into any outfit. When paired with a pair of baggy denim jeans, the slingback heels create a stunning look. The pointed tip of the heels subtly peeks out from the bottom of the pants, making a statement while still maintaining an air of sophistication. It's the perfect combination that deserves enthusiastic applause.